Powerful, profitable Facebook Ads.

Ready to grow your business and get in front of a whole lot MORE of your ideal clients?


2.89 billion people. Every day. Searching for something. Something you offer.

But, how will they find you? And once they’re loving you on social media, how will you convert them from browsers into buyers? Simple.

If you’re finally gaining traction with a steady flow of clients. If your fans sing your praises and your referral network is buzzing. If you’ve got funds in the bank and growth plans for the future. You’re ready for the next step.

You’ve got to grow the one platform you know will give you ROI and sales for days. (That’s your email list.)

And to do that you need your Facebook & Instagram Ads in the right feeds engaging the right people. (That’s where you come unstuck.)

Facebook & Instagram ads help my clients have their biggest launches. Ever.

8,545 new leads to the waitlist of an online priestess school

229 sales from ads for an online business program, 128 sales from retargeting ads. Total launch sales: $150K

10,033 new leads for online yoga teacher training

Find out when doors open again

Bianca McKenzie

So, who am I to teach you about FB Ads?

One client called me “the Facebook Ads specialist you save up for to get on your team” and another put me on her vision board years before we worked together. 

I’m Bianca McKenzie and I get paid to make Facebook pay your bills. I’ve developed FB Ads for List Building to teach movers and shakers, big dreamers, and people who want to make the right noise in a saturated market how to connect with the right clients so you can grow your business in a way that makes sense to you. 

Saving you hours and hours and tears and frustration and trying to figure it all out on your own. So you can build your own engaged, raving client base. So you can make bank.