Not sure if your cart should be open for one or two weeks? Debating over whether to host a webinar or run a challenge to build your list? Not sure about your email sequence?

During our Launch Strategy sessions, we'll uncover your boldest launch dreams, biggest barriers and determine the best approach to your launch success. Let's map out your launch strategy together!


Head into your launch with absolute clarity, rock-solid confidence and a plan for success!

If you’re ready to DIY your own launch (or have a small team to help you), but also a little frazzled and overwhelmed, my 1:1 Launch Strategy Package is for you!  

What's included in the Launch Strategy Package?

We'll get together via zoom to map out your dream launch from start to finish. Together we create a strategy and marketing calendar for your stress-free launch that you can follow step by step. We leave no stone unturned, no question unanswered and get everything down on paper so that you can launch with ease and confidence. During your launch I'll be there to support you in case you have any last minute questions and we'll also get together after your launch to evaluate how it all went so that you're prepared for your next successful launch.

1 x crystal clear launch dreams blueprint 

Your launch dreams blueprint will be our starting point where you tell me about your business, your past launch results and your goals for our work together.

1 x 60 minute pre-strategy soul download call 

You’ll have your bold launch dreams and goals mapped out and broken down into easy to follow launch steps. We’ll get together for a soul download to extract all your launch visions from your mind. You’re the heart and soul of your launch whilst I’ll be the mind and hold your vision.

1 x 120 minute virtual strategy intensive 

During our intensive strategy call we’ll discuss the marketing tactics available to you to plan and select what you feel aligned with and what you don’t feel called to utilise. I’ll work my magic to turn your dreams into step by step marketing and launch tactics, aligned with your strength and cycle, that you and your team can easily implement.

1 x custom launch plan PDF aligned to your launch dreams 

You’ll have a complete step by step custom pre-launch, launch and post launch plan for you and your team to implement. This plan will include a timeline of your launch, marketing strategy, funnel and email marketing sequences, social media posts, Facebook advertising, onboarding and customer support systems, lead magnets, outsourcing etc.

6 x 30 minute on-call support during your launch

I’ll be by your side (in spirit, not physically) throughout your entire launch. You’ll get my strategic support before, during and after your launch so that you can stay fully focused on following your launch heart and do what you do best whilst I hold your vision and gently nudge you along.

1 x 30 minute post launch analysis call 

After your launch we’ll connect to go over what worked during your launch and what needs to be revised for the next round. We’ll dive into your launch statistics, your email sequence performance, your list building performance, lead magnets, outsourcing etc.

Your investment $1,497

Each month I open up 2 Launch Strategy spots for clients. If you're interested, please get in touch. All prices are in Australian dollars and for Australian clients GST will be added.

Bianca McKenzie Headshot

Hey There!

I'm Bianca... demystifier of marketing & launch strategy and lead generation for female entrepreneurs, big dreamers, movers and shakers so that they have more time to do what they love and be the change-makers they dream to be.  

An intuitive marketer, natural connector and qualified teacher, it's my passion to bring marketing strategy and technology together with ease.  

I'm super proud to be a regular guest blogger on ROOOAR, a Beautiful You Coaching Academy guest speaker, Conquer Club guest teacher and E-Course Launch Formula expert contributor.

On-call strategy and support throughout your launch.  

Let's chat and take on your launch together.



Is this for me?

It's for you if you're launching an online course, group program or service and want to DIY your launch but you're not sure what you should do/focus on and how to create a strategy and plan for it.

It's for you if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little burnt out with trying to figure out every little thing you need to know and do for your launch. You feel like you are consistently taking actions but not making any progress and need help prioritizing your projects and tasks, so you’re focusing on the right things at the right time. You start to shut down when you see the 3000 to-do list items that need to happen before you launch, and you just want someone to tell you what to do next. You consistently lose time and momentum by task and project switching (moving from one task or project to the next without finishing the first) and you really need someone to hold you accountable and keep you focused and moving forward.

I'm looking to launch something soon but don't have everything ready yet, is this for me?

 To make the most of our time and this package I recommend that you have the following components of your launch ready before we work together: 

  •  Your offer
  •  Lead magnet(s) 
  •  Sales Page
  •  Email sequence(s)

* You might be creating some launch components in the lead up to your launch as a result of our work together but the major pieces mentioned above should be in place.

If you're not quite ready to launch yet based on the above, I suggest booking a clarity call so we could talk about what you need to have ready before launching and how to move forward towards your launch. 

How long before my launch should I book launch support services?

You probably already know this, but launches can get pretty chaotic. So, when hiring anyone to help you with your launch, the earlier you can get them on board, the better. If you’re interested in my Launch strategy service, you will need to book your project approximately 8-12 weeks before your desired launch date. This service is designed to help you get all your marketing elements and timeline figured out from day one.

How does this work exactly and what do I need to do to get started?

To get started, you’ll need to complete the questionnaire and book a consult. We will discuss your offer, your launch timeline, and get to know each other to make sure this service is a good fit for you and your launch.  

Once you book the strategy package, we’ll get your strategy call on the calendar and I’ll send over a pre-work pack, so I can get a good picture of where you are at in planning your launch and what you’re looking to achieve. Then I’ll start creating your launch plan, your calendar and parts to handover to your team. During your launch I'm available for support and when your launch has finished we'll connect for a debrief and analyse your results.

What about launching a product?

At the moment I'm focusing on supporting service based businesses and course creators but feel free to send me a message and we can see how we could work together.

Do I need to have a team?

No, you don't need to have a team but the support of a VA or other team members might help you with your launch so you're not too overwhelmed.

Does this include Facebook ads?

This package doesn't include Facebook ads but it might be an item in your launch strategy if we see the need to include it for the best possible results for your launch (not everyone has to use ads to have a successful launch and we'll discuss this during our call). There will be options for you to choose a DIY option or a done for you package if you wish to run Facebook ads for your launch. 

Do you offer complete Launch management?

Yes I do! Send me an email at and we can connect to discuss your launch requirements.

How many clients do you work with?

Each month I open up only 2 Launch Strategy spots for clients. If you're interested, please get in touch.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes. You will have a choice of making a full payment upfront of $1497 or making 2 payments of $749. 

How do I contact you with more questions?

If you have more questions about the Launch Strategy Package or about working together, please email me at