SP: The Marketing Vault

Accelerate your business growth with online marketing foundations

a feel-good, strategic and sustainable way to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

You just started your online business and you’re full of energy and passion  

but here’s what’s really going on:  

You’re struggling to find clients and you’re not sure where to start looking for them. Everyone keeps telling you that you should put your business online and you know that this ‘online thing’ works but you’re not sure how. All this marketing jargon is like another language to you and all the social media ‘stuff’ out there has you completely overwhelmed. Really, all you want to do is focus on what you love doing, make money and be a change maker.  

When everyone else around you seems to have it all figured out you feel like a hamster trapped in the ever moving marketing wheel…  

They all make online marketing seem so easy. Posting a blog post here, sending out a newsletter there, snapping yet another selfie, keeping the social media beast moving on a daily basis.  

What you wouldn’t give for a peek behind the scenes to find out how they do it.  

You’d love to know how to build a solid marketing foundation for your business growth and let your business shine in a soulful magnetic way.  

Oh, and let’s not forget growing your business bank account… after all, you’re in business right?

If you want to grow your business you HAVE to market it, or how else are your clients going to find you?  

… and you know this but you just struggle to put the puzzle pieces together on exactly how you should do this.  

You love your business, you love helping your clients but you really don’t like promoting yourself because you feel pushy and shouty.  

You’ve created a beautiful business that really solves your clients’ problems and helps them in a way nobody else does. You’ve spoken to a few people who love what you do and tell you that there’s a real need for what you do.  

If only you knew how to reach more people without feeling pushy.  

Honestly, soulful marketing is possible.  

I’m not here to tell you that it’s always easy, but what I can tell you is that there is a way to feel good about promoting your business. The first step is to build the online marketing foundations so that it’s easier, more streamlined and ‘less about you and more about your clients’.  

Afterall, your beautiful business needs a solid marketing foundation to grow and shine! 

What if someone would teach you how to build your online marketing foundations by showing you exactly what to do to and how to do it?  

I’m talking about how to be a soulful marketer, how to set up your social media platforms, how to setup your email marketing, how to use online marketing tools to grow your business and most of all how to use them to get paid.  

✔︎ Continuous growth of your social media following  

✔︎ Build a community that loves you back so that you can make more sales from your business  

✔︎ Create new opportunities for your business, such as guest blogging and podcast interviews  

✔︎ Attract engaged fans that spread the word for you  

✔︎ Grow confidence in looking after your social media platforms and email marketing  

✔︎ Set yourself up for strong and clear business growth & results  

and more…

But why should online marketing be your top priority?

Online marketing isn’t a new trend that entrepreneurs can choose to pick up. In fact, it’s the opposite… online marketing has been around for quite some time now and it’s not going to disappear anytime soon. Sadly, far too many small business owners neglect how important online marketing is for their business success.  

Sure, online marketing takes away valuable time that they rather spend elsewhere. Plus it can cost money, something that they also rather avoid. Some struggle with the technology or simply don’t care or feel that they don’t need it. The reality is though that customers do care and for small businesses to be relevant in today’s noisy market, being online can no longer be avoided. It’s a must for business success. 

Having a website that’s search optimized, being on social media that you actually engage with and adding email into your marketing strategy may be daunting to some, terrifying to others, but it’s actually quite easy for small businesses to do. 

Technology helps us entrepreneurs make consistent, frequent updates to online marketing and social media platforms so that we’re not spending all of our time online. The best thing is that the data available to us from social media, email marketing and other online strategies offers incredible insights into what our customers want, which for me is more than enough of a reason to make online marketing a priority. 

If you want to build a successful business, whether you’re an online business or not, you can’t avoid online marketing. 

Consumers (like me and you) surf the internet to discover what to do, where to go, who to buy things from and more. Even for businesses that don’t sell online! Shopping online isn’t the only reason your ideal client spends time online…  

So why should online marketing be one of your top priorities?  

Customers are online, which mean you need to be, too.

That’s why I created the Marketing Vault 

The Marketing Vault is perfect for you if want to promote and grow your business in a soulful way by using online marketing. It’s the program for you if you’re a new or budding entrepreneur as a Coach, Online Entrepreneur, Wellness Entrepreneur, Creative, Blogger, Healer, Designer, VA, OBM, Retailer or any other entrepreneur with online courses or services.

In this program you’ll learn the exact steps to setup your online marketing platforms and promote your business with confidence so that you can be the change-maker you dream to be!


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Here's what I'll be teaching...

The Marketing Vault Module 1


Authentic marketing

In this module we will lay the foundations for the rest of the course (and any future marketing activities you’ll do for your business!). We’ll look at your why, your core values and your authentic message.

The Marketing Vault Module 2


Define Your Audience  

In this module we will dive deep into your audience. You will learn who your customers are, write them a love letter, dive deeper into getting to know them and find out where you can find them.

The Marketing Vault Module 3


Goal Setting  

In this module we will be setting your online goals for your business growth. You’ll determine your what and why for social media, learn why you need a mailing list and determine the goals for your online marketing activity.

The Marketing Vault Module 4


Platforms and software 

In this module we will be selecting an email marketing provider, learn how to setup your email marketing software, select your social media platforms, set them up and make them look amazing.

The Marketing Vault Module 5


Your opt-in gift  

In this module we will be looking at opt-in gifts. You will learn what an opt-in gift is and why your business needs one. You’ll learn how to decide on your opt-in gift, develop your opt-in gift and how to send it to your audience.  

with guest contributor Anna Dower

The Marketing Vault Module 6


Create content  

In this module we will be getting your content machine going. You will learn how to create a content strategy, come up with content ideas and find out what the four pillars of content are.  

with guest contributor Megan Schopieray

The Marketing Vault Module 7


Save time and automate  

In this module we will get techy (don’t panic, I’ll guide you through it). You’ll learn how to save time by scheduling your social media, find out how to automate your email marketing and learn about the possibilities of marketing automation.

The Marketing Vault Module 8


Grow your audience  

In this module you will find out how you can grow your social media audience, learn how to grow your email list and you’ll be introduced to Facebook advertising.

The Marketing Vault Module 9


Test and measure  

In this module we will look at your results. You will learn how to read your results, including Google Analytics, and how to set yourself up for success.

The Marketing Vault Module 10


Nurture and sell  

In this module we will step it up and focus on nurturing and selling. You’ll learn to nurture your list, learn what a CTA is and how to use it and get ideas for your sales emails.

You'll also get these bonuses:

The Marketing Vault Bonus 1


100+ ready made social posts  

Get access to 100+ ready made social media posts for when you don’t know what to post. Simply copy ready made posts from my library of content and post to your social media platforms. Includes text and image copy.

The Marketing Vault Bonus 2


Blogging quick guide  

Your blueprint for building a blog rich with content, value and your authentic voice.  

The Blogging quick guide is a 32 page book full of tips on how to get started with your blog.

But what you’re really getting is…  

✔︎ A clear understanding of your authentic message and voice  

✔︎ A clear understanding of who your dream customers are  

✔︎ Clear online marketing goals and a road map to achieve them  

✔︎ Achievable goals for your social media & online marketing strategy  

✔︎ A method for how to pick the right platforms and software for your business  

✔︎ A way to set it all up and make it look pretty  

✔︎ Your email marketing software setup and a method for growing your email list  

✔︎ A content strategy + content calendar  

✔︎ A method for sourcing your content time and time again  

✔︎ A way to prepare your content for online marketing  

✔︎ 100+ pieces of uniquely YOU social media content  

✔︎ Scheduled posts and automate emails (a.k.a save time)  

✔︎ Engagement on your social platforms  

✔︎ Knowledge on how to measure your online marketing success  

✔︎ A way to nurture your community and ask for the sale

The Marketing Vault experience is designed to build the online marketing foundations for your business. There will be assignments that are designed to help you take ACTION. 

The Marketing Vault

What’s included:  

Lifetime access to the complete workbook and resources via our course delivery platform. Content includes videos, worksheets and resources that you can save, print and revisit again and again.

BONUS: 100+ Ready Made Social Media Posts

BONUS: Blogging Quick Guide

Your investment: $147 $47 for a limited time only

Price will increase in:


Use the code MVAULT for $100 at the checkout

At this point, you might be feeling excited, knowing that the Marketing Vault will help you setup your online marketing foundations, grow your business and community.  

But I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re also having some doubts and worries about whether this will work for you.  

(and that’s totally ok, it’s in our nature to feel a little uneasy right before making a big, powerful change!).  

So in case you’re feeling nervous, let me clear up some of the myths and fears you may have right now…  

1. I haven’t started my business yet, so I’m already behind.  

Beep, not right! Heaps of students are at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Even if you’re a total beginner, this course will help you setup the foundations in a way that will help you understand marketing better, be confident in using social media and email marketing and grow your business quicker in a soulful and sustainable way.  

2. I’d love to do this course, but how will I find the time?  

Although the program gives you instant access to all modules, it doesn’t stop there. You get ongoing, lifetime access, which means if you fall behind, have a busy week or life gets in the way, you don’t need to worry and can rejoin when you’re ready.  

You can access the content anytime to review modules, re-watch videos, check the resources and access links.  

3. I’m not sure this would work for my obscure, non-marketing niche.  

A majority of students have blogs and businesses that are not in a “marketing” or “business” niche…yet they still get incredible results. No matter what your niche, you should have an active online marketing presence, and The Marketing Vault will show you how to set yours up so that you can grow your business in a feel-good way.  

4. Will online marketing really help me make more sales online?  

That tends to be the logic, yes! With billions of people on Facebook, Twitter, email and the internet in general there is a very high probability of your ideal client being one of those and they might be looking for you! Of course, you also need to engage with your online audience on a regular basis, but being active online will ONLY benefit your business.  

5. I’ll probably have to spend tons of money to see results.  

Nope! What I teach in The Marketing Vault is based on not spending anything extra. There’s no need to fork out thousands of dollars. The strategies in this program include methods you can use to see great results without big fees.  

6. Or perhaps you’re thinking that you could just find this info on Google.  

I tried that for a couple years myself…and left with very little to show for it. (Yikes). A lot of the info you’ll find on Google was written ages ago (or published without a date?!) with strategies that are now obsolete.  

Don’t make the mistake of spending all your time trawling old blog posts with outdated information. Instead, The Marketing Vault shares proven methods you’ll only find inside this program. It’s also updated on a regular basis to ensure that the lessons are relevant and fresh, because let’s be honest, we all know online marketing changes every second! Plus you get lifetime access which means that you don’t have to keep up to date with the frequent changes because that’s my job.

Bianca McKenzie

So, why should you be listening to me?  

Hi, I’m Bianca… a digital strategist, intuitive marketer, marketing technology teacher, speaker and award winning entrepreneur.  

I demystify and simplify marketing technology for entrepreneurs, big dreamers, movers and shakers so they have more time to connect with their clients and do what they love.  

I love marketing & social media but don’t want to spend all my time online. My clients often ask me how do I do it?  

Posting multiple times per day, blogging and sending weekly newsletters, in addition to coaching clients, managing Facebook ads and running online training courses.  

Once you understand the basics and use time saving tools, it’s not that complicated… I’d love to teach you how to grow your business too, guiding you every step of the way.  

I can save you hours and hours of time trying to figure this out on your own and provide you with knowledge, skills and resources to build and grow your online community authentically. 

Media Endorsement
Meg Coles

“If you want to drive your freedom-based business to the next level using authentic marketing, then this is the online course for you!  

This comprehensive e-course assists budding entrepreneurs to confidently build their business, even with little or no experience using social media. I had zero knowledge of social media marketing and am thrilled by all the cool things I have discovered to implement on my website and Facebook page.  

Bianca’s program gave me the boost I needed to start spreading the word about my biz to the online community. Thanks Bianca, it’s been fun and I have learned so much!”  

Meg Coles, Coach at Thrive After Separation 

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bianca to get my business up and running. I’m not the best at technology and Bianca has been a god send! She has calmly talked me through many suggestions and solutions that I never would have found on my own. Her knowledge and can do attitude is fantastic and I highly recommend her for anyone needing support in business.”  

Elise Roberts, Health & Lifestyle Coach  

Elise Roberts
Jul's Arthur

“Bianca is the truly the demystifying technology whisperer! If you’re an entrepreneur spending way too much time out of your genius zone trying to figure it all out…Bianca is the teacher and coach who will bring you back to optimum mode.  

She has that rare quality of being able to lift you up when you’re feeling possibly a bit daft and transform your mindset from feeling so alone, to so supported. From exasperated, to open and able to learn. Working virtually with Bianca felt like being welcomed over for a cuppa, while breezily solving techie frustration with this step-by-step sorceress.  

Bianca is not only super kind, she is a natural teacher. If you feel overwhelmed and cloudy about marketing and how to get through some of the business quicksand pits surrounding the entrepreneur, she’s your tour guide to safety and productive action.” 

Jul's Arthur, Professional Organizer for Entrepreneurs 

So tell me, do you want the same ease, confidence and results these women have gained from working with me? 

The reality is, you can either continue Googling to find the right solutions and piecing together different strategies in the hope they work OR you can choose to follow a proven path that will provide a tangible result that will grow your business.  

If you want something different to happen, if you want to finally see your business grow, you’re going to have to do something different.  

I’d love you to click the button below and gain instant access to The Marketing Vault and setup your online marketing foundations without icky feelings, overwhelm or tech know-how. 

The Marketing Vault is designed for people who:

  • Find online marketing confusing, overwhelming and a little bit boring
  • Want to learn how to build solid online marketing foundations for their business
  • Are about to start an online business or have just started one
  • Are serious about taking their business to the next level in a way that’s authentic and completely ‘you’
  • Want support, strategy, guidance and a good old kick-up-the-behind to turn their business around and create the success they desire
  • Have a genuine desire to grow a community (aka email list and Facebook page) of people that love your business
  • Don’t want to spend all their time on social media, but want to build a solid foundation
  • Are wanting to streamline working ON their business so they can focus on what they love doing in their business
  • Focus on getting results and being successful in their own authentic way
  • Are done spending time and money on courses without implementing a thing
  • Are willing to learn about new technologies and approaches to use social media and email marketing in their business
  • Are ready to commit to support AND put the work in
  • Are positive, open and willing to give things a go

Join the Marketing Vault Now 

Your investment: $147 $47 for a limited time only

Use the code MVAULT at the checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marketing Vault?  

The Marketing Vault is an online training program and repository, that demystifies and simplifies online marketing.  

Teaching you how to setup sustainable foundations and use social media and online marketing for your business in an authentic, soulful, totally YOU and step by step way. Our main focus will be on social media, particularly Facebook, and email marketing. The bonus material includes a blogging guide and 100+ ready made social media posts.  

The program is aimed at Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Creatives, Bloggers and anyone else who wants to build solid online marketing foundations to accelerate their business growth.

What can I expect?  

The Marketing Vault will save you hours of time and provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to use social media and online marketing to grow your business and be confident in creating plans, strategies, content and using the tools.  

At the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the tools, knowledge and confidence to build an online community that loves you back. You will walk away with a full social media content library and a strategy for consistently creating content. You will be prepared in advance with a social media and email marketing content calendar so that you can step away, and do what you love most in your business, without a worry.  

You have lifetime access to the membership site and its content, and you can save the materials for later reference.

How is this program different?  

Most programs will tell you what to do, such as build an email list, post on social media, create a sales funnel but they forget to show you HOW to actually set up each of these parts for your business.  

In this course you won’t only learn what to do to grow your business through online marketing, I will also show you exactly HOW to do it with step by step instructions. I will show you exactly how to set up your social media platforms, your email marketing service, how to create your images, how to post them, etc.  

Here are some other reasons why my program is different:  

  • I’m an experienced, qualified trainer who has run workshops for small businesses and corporate departments.
  • I go the extra mile to stay current and up-to-date with my knowledge and provide resources and tools for you to enjoy.
  • I offer not only strategy, but also the how-to of the technical side (I show you HOW to do this for your business!).
  • I’m a passionate, soulful marketer (you can call me a marketing nerd!), and that passion will rub off on YOU.  

The program is a fully comprehensive resource that you can refer to for many years to come.

When was the program last updated?  

I update the program regularly, as the world of online marketing is constantly changing. The program was updated in February 2017 and has been updated multiple times since it launched in 2015. And don’t forget, you get lifetime access to all updated materials.

Who shouldn't sign up?  

This is a foundation level program, with a little bit of advanced content. If you’re already an online marketing expert or someone with solid online marketing foundations, the program probably isn’t right for you.

I can’t make this round. When will the program run again?  

You can join the course anytime, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you and your business will be on the path to success.

I don't have a website, can I still join the program?  

Heaps of students are at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Even if you’re a total beginner without a website, this program will help you setup the foundations in a way that will help you understand marketing better, which will actually help you in formulating what your website should evolve into. You don’t need a website to start with online marketing.

I’m not very techy. Can I still do the program?  

Yes, absolutely. This program is for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey, and I explain everything in a non-jargony way to make it easy for non-technical types to get their heads around.  

However, it helps if you have a basic understanding of the Internet and the structure of online marketing. In the training videos I show you step by step how to do certain things, which you can copy and follow along with easily.

I'm part of an MLM program. Can I still do the program?  

No, this course is not suited to those who run their business as part of an MLM (multi-level marketing).

How does the program run?  

This program is entirely a self study program, you go at your own pace. You access the content by logging into the password-protected member area.  

  •  Modules contain:
  •  Training videos
  •  Workbook/worksheet/checklists
  •  Resources
  •  Access to useful links and tools

How many hours per week should I set aside for the program?  

I know you probably don’t have a whole heap of time to spare for marketing (even though it’s what drives traffic and opportunities for sales to your business!), which is why I’ve broken the program into bite-sized chunks. Ideally you should allow 2-3 hours a week to digest the course materials, which includes:  

  •  Watching the training videos
  •  Reading and completing your workbooks and worksheets  

But the whole point of this program is for you to learn at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. And with lifetime access to the materials, you can come back to them at any point in the future.

Can I email / call / message you with my questions during the program?  

No. This is a self-study program that is not supported by email. You can ask questions relating to the program in my Free Facebook group. I’m afraid I cannot enter into private email correspondence, or take phone calls regarding your individual issues.

How long can I access the program?  

You have ongoing, lifetime access to all course materials.  

If for any reason we have to terminate the program offering, you’ll be given 6 months notice of the site closure.

How do I access the program?  

As soon as you’ve paid the program registration fee, via WooCommerce, you’ll be given details to access the membership site. When you follow the steps and your registration is complete, you can log into our membership portal.

What if I discover that this course isn't for me, will I be able to get a refund?  

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this program, and I truly believe in the value it provides. I’m sure you won’t need this, but I’m offering you a 14 day satisfaction guarantee because I want you to feel really confident investing in The Marketing Vault.  

If you work through the first three modules of the course and are not totally happy, I will refund your enrollment cost (minus a 15% admin fee to cover course administration).  

The tools and strategies you’ll learn within will, if followed, offer you a great return on investment and much, much more. As long as you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and immerse yourself in the teachings and strategies provided you will get immense value out of The Marketing Vault.  

Please note that ‘change of mind’ refunds are not permitted according to Australian Consumer Law. We ask that you demonstrate that you have participated in the course before requesting a refund.  

Refunds must be requested in writing to hello@biancamckenzie.com within 14 days of the course purchase date to be eligible.

Is the program mobile and tablet friendly?  

Yes the program is fully responsive and accessible on all devices, although reading your workbooks might be challenging on a small screen.

Kathryn Hocking

“I am very lucky to have Bianca as my social media guest expert contributor for the e-Course Launch Formula. Bianca’s work is always an exceptionally high standard and she brings passion and drive to all that she does in her business.”  

Kathryn Hocking, e-Course Expert and Launch Strategist

“Bianca was an amazing social media and online marketing resource to have for our trainees in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. She was approachable, knowledgeable and filled to the brim with expert tips and advice. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to any person wanting to really harness the power of social media and their online presence. She’s a gem.”  

Julie Parker, CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Julie Parker

If you’re looking to accelerate your business growth, plus simplify and demystify online marketing, this is the program for you. 

Join now at $147 $47 for a limited time only

Use the code MVAULT at the checkout